Schedules and rules


The rules of the game

general rules of soccer

All of our age groups abide by the basic Laws of the Game. Click here for more.

Fall rules by age group

Some rules change, however, based on age and field size. Here’s what to expect:

U-5/U-6 coed | U-8 boys/girls | U-10 boys/girls | U12 and U15

Latest schedules by age group

  • Under-5 coed

  • Under-6 coed

  • Under-8 boys

  • Under-8 girls

  • Under-10 boys

  • Under-10 girls

  • Under-12 boys

  • Under-12 girls

  • Under-15 boys

  • Under-15 girls

Basic equipment

All players must have uniforms, shin guards, cleats, a ball, and a water bottle.

Soccer ball sizes

  • U5 through U8 use a Size 3 ball

  • U10 and U12 use a Size 4 ball

  • U14 and up use a Size 5 ball