Under-12 and Under-15 Rules

  1. U12 play 9-on-9 with 30-minute halves.

  2. U15 play 11-on-11 with 35-minute halves.

  3. Water breaks are encouraged on hot days.

Note: If a team shows up short of players, the opposing team either lends players or plays down to even out the game.

Rules: FIFA rules apply except as noted below:

  1. There is no slide-tackling permitted in Under-12.

  2. Offside rules are in effect for both age groups.

  3. Slide-tackling is allowed in Under-15.

It would be a good idea to talk with referee before game to be sure he or she knows the slide-tackle rule.

Intentional heading is not permitted for U-12. It will be considered a dangerous play and the opposing team will be awarded an indirect kick.

Intentional heading is permitted for U-15 games

Substitution Rules:

  1. Teams can substitute at the following times:

  2. On their own throw-in. (Referees may allow the other team to sub if there are players are at the halfway point from the other team.)

  3. On any goal kick.

  4. After a goal is scored.

  5. At halftime.

  6. At a water break.

  7. For an injury