Under-12 and Under-15 Rules

  1. U-12 play 7-on-7 with 25-minute halves. Can play 8-on-8 if coaches agree.

  2. U-15 play 9-on-9 with 30-minute halves.

Note: If a team shows up short of players, the opposing team either lends players or plays down to even out the game.

FIFA rules apply except as noted below:

  • Under-12 there is no offsides (U-15 there IS offsides).

  • Under-12/15 there is NO slide tackling permitted. (It would be a good idea to talk with referee before game to be sure he or she knows the slide tackle rule. Referee assigners do their best to notify, but not everyone gets the word.)

  • Intentional heading is not permitted for U-12. It will be considered a dangerous play and the opposing team will be awarded an indirect kick.

  • Intentional heading is permitted in U-15 games.

Substitution Rules:

  • Halves are short, so substitute on the fly. When the player leaving the game exits near the team bench, the replacement player enters the field. They both have to be near the bench while making substitution.

  • If the substitution gains an advantage based on the situation (which would usually occur when the players substituting are not in the same of the field) this is considered unsporting conduct, and the referee can blow the whistle and award an indirect free kick where the ball was located when foul occurred.