What to do if you need a new uniform


We’ve all done it. We’ve managed to get the kids in the car, fed, and to the field on time for a Saturday morning game. We’ve made sure the water bottle is full. The shin guards are on. We’ve got both cleats.

And just one sock. It happens.

Or maybe those shorts went missing again — and this time for good.

Or maybe the socks and shorts are OK, but you just need a new set of jerseys.

We’ve got you covered, no matter what. Here’s what you need to know about uniforms for the Pensacola Youth Soccer fall season.

Fall 2019 in-person uniform prices — plus, credit cards!

Fall 2019 uniforms
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We’ve got some exciting new changes coming this fall. As always, we’ll still accept cash and checks. But we’re now able to accept credit cards, as well as payment by Apple Pay and Google Pay (aka Android Pay). And Samsung Pay, if that’s how you roll. So no worries if you get to the field and don’t have cash on hand. We’ll still be able to make sure everyone’s wearing the color of the day.

Here’s how in-person pricing will break down this fall:

  • Full uniform set: $30

  • Jersey set (white and green): $20

  • Pair of socks: $5

  • Shorts: $5

If you’ve already paid along with your registration, you’re good to go. Just come pick up a uniform. But if you’ve discovered it’s time for a new one, we’ve got you covered.

Phil Nickinson