How to be a referee for Pensacola Youth Soccer


We've got soccer players. We've got soccer coaches. (Though we could always use more.) But what about the referees? Is there some sort of soccer deity who bestows a whistle upon the worthy while the rest of the mortals are left to be judged during the course of play?

Not quite. The truth is that anyone can be a referee. And if you play soccer, there's a really good argument that you should serve as a referee at some point, because it's going to give you a new view on the game.

It's also a great way to earn some money.

Our league's younger age groups utilize what are called "grassroots" referees. Potential refs must be at least 13 years old. They'll need to purchase a basic referee kit. And they'll need to be able to keep up with a wild pack of youngsters with soccer balls. 

If you know someone who's at least 13 who would like to be a referee, here's what they need to do: 

  1. Register with the Florida Soccer Referees organization and take the Florida Soccer Referees' online test. (Here’s the link.) There's a one-time fee for this test.

  2. Email our league admins and let them know you've successfully completed the test and are interested in refereeing for Pensacola Youth Soccer.

  3. Then you'll need to purchase a basic referee kit. It'll include things like a referee uniform, and whistle. (And you'll also want a good stopwatch for keeping time.)

It's that simple. After that? You'll soon find yourself responsible for calling balls and strikes. Well, corner kicks and goals, that is.

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Phil Nickinson