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+ Is registration still open?

Registration has closed and the fall season is underway. You can add your name to the waitlist if you'd like. Otherwise, look for us to start back up again in the spring.

+ When and where are practices and games?

Locations may vary a bit, so check with your coach. But expect practices and games at Roger Scott Athletic Complex, Hitzman Park, and other area fields. Practices generally are at 5 p.m. or 6 p.m.

Games typically are played on Saturdays, though the occasional weeknight game may be scheduled. Click here for maps of all potential game locations. You'll find the updated schedules here.

+ What size ball do I need?

That depends on the age group. U5 through U8 uses a Size 3 ball. U10 and U12 teams use a Size 4 ball. U14 and up use a Size 5 ball.

+ What other equipment do I need?

Cleats, shin guards and a water bottle are a must. It's recommended that long hair be tied back, too. Click here for more on gear you should have.

+ I need a new uniform — now what?

We offer preorders for uniforms during the registration period. Once practice and games begin, you can buy a uniform — or pieces of a uniform — in person at one of our main locations. (We'll update you on exactly where.)

+ What happens in case of inclement weather?

Soccer can be played in the rain. But we don't mess around when it comes to lightning. We use the 30/30 rule — if lightning is detected within 6 miles of where we're playing or practicing (as in, thunder within 30 seconds of the lightning flash), we'll halt play until there has been no more lightning for 30 minutes. We'll also halt play if the wet bulb globe temperature exceeds 92. For more, please see our full weather policy.

+ What jewelry is allowed?

None, really. It's a safety thing. Players shouldn't have anything in their ears — so hold off on getting those things pierced until after the season. Same goes for bracelets and rings. And hair ties should be kept as simple as possible.

+ How will I learn if games or practices are canceled?

Inclement weather happens. In the event that games or practices need to be canceled, we'll let the coaches know first. We'll also post updates to our website, on Facebook, and through any other methods at our disposal.

+ My child is new to soccer — will they be OK?

Absolutely! Everybody was new to soccer at some point. We're a youth recreational league, focused on keeping things fun, educational, and safe.

+ Are the teams co-ed?

Our U5 and U6 teams are co-ed. (And also are ridiculously cute.) We generally split things up by gender at the U8 level.

+ Can my child play up an age group?

Yes. If your player has more experience, or has an in-between birthday, he or she can play up an age group. Just let us know that's what you'd like when registering..

+ Can my child play down an age group?

Generally speaking, no. Though occasionally there are medical reasons that may allow for it. Please contact us if that's something you'd like to discuss.

+ My child has a disability — can they play?

We do our best to make sure anyone who wants to play soccer can play soccer. If you have a question or concern about whether your child can play in the league, please contact us.

+ I'd like to coach — how do I start?

Excellent! We always need coaches. You can send us your information here.

+ I have a problem — who do I tell?

Issues do occasionally come up during the season. We want to do everything we can to address them. For questions about something at the team level, click here. For questions about something at the organization level, you can contact our Board.