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Lend a hand

How to donate to the league

We believe that every child should have the chance to participate in soccer. If you’d like to help the league financially please visit our donations page.

(Don’t) use your head!

A word about concussions …

The United States Soccer Federation emphasizes head injury prevention and awareness. Intentional heading is not allowed in Pensacola Youth Soccer until a player reaches U-15 age. (In all other age groups, intentional heading is considered a dangerous play, and the opposing team is awarded an indirect kick. Unintentional heading is not a foul.) If you suspect a concussion has occurred, do not let the player back in the game, and notify parents so the player can be evaluated.

We all have a job to do 

The parent’s role is to be a parent

Let’s be honest — it can be hard for a parent to watch their child on the soccer field. We want to help. We want them to be safe and have fun. But we also need to remember that we each have a role to play. The coaches are there to coach. The players are there to play and have fun. And the parents — well, sometimes doing what seems like a good idea at the time maybe isn’t in everyone’s best interest.

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